Thursday, 23 July 2015

FUN day with Baghera cars...

BAGHERA legend cars are the coolest ride toys for kids. That was a love at the first sight!!!
Baghera is a trademark of the "Le Petit Nouveau" Group, founded in 1989. Based near Paris in France. Elegance, chick and high - quality cars. Safe and beautiful. It's just BAGHERA!!!

Michelle's dress is from Kardashiankids, hat and sunnies from Gymboree, shoes from Zara.
Max's outfit is from H&M, shoes from Okaidi and hat from Gymboree.

Pedal Legend cars  you can find here :BAGHERA

We will share with you more unique moments with Baghera cars soon...


see you soon...

1 comment:

    Beutiful pictures. Looks like the kids having a lot of fun. They are so cute, and Michelle...AMAZING girl. Real model. She will have a bright future.
    I know Baghera from Europe already. WE love them. Can't wait to get one for my son
    love you guys