Friday, 21 July 2017

Backpacks...useful accessories for everyone!

As you know we love to visit Niagara Falls because of amazing views, always great adventures and just having fun. Every time planning new trip I ask Michelle to pack her stuff with her to not get bored in the car and in restaurant where we usually stop by for lunch. That works very well if Michelle has colouring books, fave toys and her camera with her. To pack all she needs she always chose the best backpack. Great way to carry all stuff and not get tired. SPRAYGROUND is one of our favourite brands. They have cool designs and we just LOVE how comfy and useful their backpacks are!

Backpack - Lil Sprayground
Romper - Tommy Hifiger
Shoes - custimized AKID from My1styears
Camera - Vtech

Posted by Ewa

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