Friday, 22 May 2015

Picnic with YUMBOXLUNCHes


Today we decided to organize backyard picnic because during the last days we have beautiful weather. Kids were so happy and can not wait for surprise what we did for them. We introduced to Michelle and Max's new lunch boxes from YUMBOX .
Michelle and Max with great pleasure ate everything that was prepared for lunch today.
They were very happy with the great time spend together, eating delicious healthy food with excellent and reliable new lunchboxes.

Yumbox is lightweight and compact with an easy-open latch. It fits neatly into a standard size thermal lunch totes. Yumbox is ideal for toddlers, kids of all ages and adults. Pack Yumbox for school, play and work.
Pack applesauce or yogurt next to crackers with no worries! Yumbox's unique single lid seals all food wells individually. Food won’t touch or leak outside of the box. you can see educational pictures on the bottom of  the lunchbox and pack colorful and healthy snack for your little one.

Lunch Boxes - Yummy Lunch Box ,  Instagram
Accessories ( paper decorations, straws and bottles ) - TARGET

Michelle's #ootd
Dress - Zara
Bracelet - Tiny Blesseing Jewelry

Max's #ootd
Shirt - 5.10.15.
Shorts - Joe Fresh

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