Friday, 20 February 2015


We have a lot of plastic sunglasses which are perfect accessory, it adds a final look. It is our favorite way of figuring an outfit.


Max's outfit- Sunglasses- Children Place, Blazer- Mexx, Tie-Okaidi, Shirt- H&M, pants- RowenChristian, shoes- Children Place
Max's outfit- Sunglasses- Children Place, shirt- Dandy Star, shorts- Okaidi, shoes- Old Navy
Max's outfit- Sunglasses- Children Place, tshirt- Zara Boys, shorts- Okaidi, shoes- Mexx, jacket- H&M
Max's outfit- Sunglasses- Joe Fresh, Hat- Zara, scarf- Mexx, jacket-  Okaidi, vest- H&M, pants- Joe Fresh, gloves- H&M, shoes- Children Place


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  3. Very Classy and elegant Branded Sunglasses indeed ...sometimes less is more and in this collection everything’s restrained, relaxed and – even better – comfortable, with a pulled-together elegance !!