Sunday, 12 October 2014


My Hat

Here’s my hat.
It holds my head,
the thoughts I’ve had
and the things I’ve read.

It keeps out the wind.
It keeps off the rain.
It hugs my hair
and warms my brain.

There’s me below it,
the sky above it.
It’s my lid.
And I love it.


Michelle is wearing hat from AMERICAN EAGEL , sweater from JOE FRESH, knit jacket and shoes from ZARA GIRLS , shorts and tights from OKAIDI
Max is wearing hat from OSHKOSH BIGOSH, sweater from ZARA BOYS , jacket and pants from H&M, shoes TIMBERLAND


  1. Hello ... glad to find you here, I just check your blog. the photos are beautiful. I'm appreciative every time, what purpose do you use already for all these photos? they are very good quality and with a beautiful light ... the topics are very clear.
    pleasure to read you!

    PS: I'm So Sweet Pink Instagram.

    1. I want to know to but it looks like they do not want to share what do they use